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Organic Food – What’s It All Mean?



Mar 25th, 2014


You’ve heard of Natural foods and Organic foods and some other terms thrown in there may have you confused. Organics are good for you but why?

Why Organic?
Forget what you’ve heard. Natural and organic food have the same great taste as brands your family already enjoys – only healthier and free from preservatives and manufactured additives. Shhhh….they won’t notice the difference!

Natural VS. Organic

-Products produced without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

100% Organic
- Products containing only organically produced ingredients
- Products may display the USDA organic seal

-Products consisting of ingredients that are at least 95% organically grown
-Products can display the USDA organic seal

Made with Organic
-Products consisting of ingredients that are 70-95% organically grown
-Products cannot display the USDA organic seal.

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